Housemate® is the easiest smart home system in the home automation world, as a complete smart home system in a box!

The easiest
smart home system

By purchasing and installing the package you can manage your home (lighting, temperature, blinds, locks, etc.). The control of the smart home is a piece of cake in your hands using voice commands, but also remotely via your mobile phone with the housemate® app.

The benefits of housemate® are comfort, safety, convenience, remote access and management, saving on electricity and heating.
Due to its easy handling it is the most useful support even for elderly people or people with mobility and vision problems.

of the house
via voice

Every time you say “Hey Eleeza!”, your digital assistant is activated and makes your daily life easier than ever. Using your voice, you can talk to Eleeza and ask for information, organize your daily life, to automate the operation of smart devices in your home. Voice commands are available in 6 languages (Greek, English, German, Spanish, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian).

smart home

Control your home using voice commands as well as remotely via the housemate app using your smartphone. Automate the operation of your home (lighting, temperature, cameras, etc.) even from a distance for greater comfort, security and energy savings.


Quickly and effortlessly, the installation of housemate smart package (housemate central unit with camera and speakers, hub, sockets, switches, thermostat) is completed in just a short time!

housemate, simply talk!