The only elevator with voice control! Just say your destimation and the lift will take you there. No buttons, no touch screens just hands-free comfort.

The first & only
elevator voice control system worldwide!

Operation without pressing buttons!

Talk2lift replaces the traditional button for elevator operation and provides the capability of elevator voice control system in any elevator cabin, enabling passengers to voice-control the lift by uttering the floor number or any other related information (tenant name, profession, company name, etc.).

In this way, the visitor can use the lift in complete safety without the need for buttons or touch screens. It is specially designed to be accessible to wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

Easy installation
in any elevator, new or old

virus protection

Button-free operation helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

easy to use

Particularly useful for visually impaired and mobility impaired people.

Easy installation in any elevator, new or old

The talk2lift can be adapted to the needs of any building. The voice recognition function is supported in more than 20 languages and facilitates the movement of a large number of passengers.

indicative users

Apartment buildings but also public or private buildings with many visitors. talk2lift® supports floor numbers and occupant names.
Buildings hosting company offices talk2lift® supports keywords associating floors to company names, brands, products, employee names, sectors, etc.
Large organizations public or private buildings with many floors and departmnets.
Elderly, visually impaired and people with mobility problems.

talk2lift, simply talk!


free device

Ideal solution for older buildings. It is installed next to the existing electronic board and after 4 simple steps the installation of the system is completed.


integrated device

Simply, quickly and without any changes to the lift cabin the device is integrated into the existing electronic board. After 4 simple steps the installation of the system is completed.



Call the elevator without physical contact. Simply wave your hand to press the UP button and wave your hand down to activate the DOWN button!


has been patented in the European Union and bears the CE conformity mark.